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The Green Party is an international movement for peace, justice, and democracy with the goal of creating community informed by ecological wisdom. We are a party of, by, and for the people. We take no money from corporations and are accountable only to the people we serve.

We have won ballot access in 46 states!! November elections are just weeks away, and volunteers are now working tirelessly to get out the vote. More people learn about Jill Stein every day, but we need accelerate that. With 5% of the presidential vote, the Green Party with qualify for millions of dollars in public campaign funds, and our hard-earned ballot access will become permanent for the next 4 years. The surest way to make that happen is to Open the Debates. That, alone, would bring Jill's campaign to millions of Americans and literally turn the tables on the entire election!

Locally, here in Humboldt, we are focused on making sure people know they really do not have to vote, once again, for the lesser of two evils. Jill Stein is the only presidential candidate who can be trusted, who truly represents the people, and, unlike any of the other candidates, she has a rock-solid plan for simultaneouslly solving our economic, environmental, and social justice problems.
Vote Jill!

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Visit Jill2016. Like Dr Jill Stein on facebook, and join in the campaign for the greater good
and a future we can look forward to, the future our lives depend on!
#Its In Our Hands!

For Humboldt Green Party endorsements see our
Green Voter Guide

Are you a student at HSU?
Would you like to help build awareness of the
candidates, goals, and achievements of the Green Party?
Do you believe college should be free?
Do you know that the president has the authority to cancel student debt
without the approval of Congress?

Check out the Humboldt State University Greens.
Contact us at hsugreens@humboldt.edu
Learn more and take action.
#Its In Our Hands!

Get involved!
Make the Green Party a force to be reckoned with!

For more information, call Dana at (707) 267-5342,
or email dsilver@greens.org.

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#Its In Our Hands!


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Banner photo: Trinidad Head on a windless day.