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The Green Party is a global movement of 91 International Green Parties, all united around the 4 pillars of the Global Greens coalition: Grassroots Democracy, Social and Racial Justice, Ecology and Peace. The Green Party of the United States is the only national Corporate-Free Party with the ballot access that can win the electoral college. There are 147 Green candidates in office right now! There are currently 67 candidates holding office throughout the state with the Green Party of California and 9 Green candidates holding office in Humboldt County! Join the people powered party that refuses all corporate donations and puts our communities first. #ThinkGloballyActLocally


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Join us for GPHC Phone Banking!

Sept.23 4 -8pm at the Labor Temple 840 E St. Eureka, CA

GPHC is phone banking for endorsed candidates and legislation such as YES on Measure K: Humboldt Sanctuary Measure, NO on Measure M: Remove the McKinley Statue and YES on Proposition 10: Repeal Costa Hawkins!

Protestors advocating justice for David Josiah Lawson occupy Arcata City Council!

David Josiah Lawson was fatally stabbed on April 15th, 2017 and 16 months later Arcata Police Department has still failed bring anyone to justice. Lawson’s family continues to travel to Arcata every month to seek movement on the case from the Arcata City Council(ACC) and Arcata Police Department(APD). On the 16th month anniversary of DJ Lawson’s murder advocates including Green Party of Humboldt County Chairperson Kelsey Reedy(right of photo) took the floor of the ACC chambers chanting “Justice for Josiah” and “Bring Back Tom Parker” an investigator on the case who resigned stating that APD was not following his recommendations and that he didn’t believe they wanted to solve the case. #JusticeForJosiah

GPHC Chairperson Kelsey Reedy at the Justice for Josiah protest in Arcata


North Dakota drops all major charges against Chase Iron Eyes!

Chase Iron Eyes(right of photo) of the Lakota People’s Law Project and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe received a stunning victory in court. Chase is a new member of the Green Party of the United States(GPUS) Indigenous Caucus and was a key note speaker at the GPUS Annual National Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah in July 2018. Congratulations Chase! #NoDAPL

Green Party Indigenous Caucus organizers in Salt Lake City, Utah



GPHC endorses Leslie Castellano for Eureka City Council!

On July 3rd Leslie Castellano annouced she is running for Eureka City Council. Leslie is a Green Party member, community organizer, the founder and director of Synapsis, a dance and preforming arts studio in Eureka, Ca. GPHC proudly endorses Leslie Castellano for Eureka City Council. Please go to Castellano’s website and Volunteer, Donate, Advocate! www.leslieforeureka.com

Leslie Castellano rally at Eureka City Council



GPHC Endorses Desiree Davenport for Humboldt Community Services District!

On August 9th, 2018 Desiree Davenport filed to run for the Humboldt Community Services District(HCSD). Davenport is a Green Party member, environmental planner and community organizer living in Eureka, Ca. GPHC proudly endorses Desiree Davenport for HCSD!

Desiree Davenport at Humboldt County Elections office



GPHC Endorses the No on Measure M committee!

After months of debate and hundreds of public comments the Arcata City Council(ACC) voted 4-1 to remove the William McKinley statue from the Arcata Plaza. Despite the overwhelming support from the community and a vote by the Wiyot Tribal Council to remove the statue, the one opposing councilperson Michael Winkler has circulated a petition collecting the required signatures to put the removal of the statue up to a vote of Arcata residents. Show the world you honor and respect the Wiyot Tribal Council. GPHC encourages all Arcata residents to vote NO on Measure M! #RemoveMcKinley

Remove McKinley crowd at Arcata City Council



GPHC Endorses YES on Measure K!

The Green Party of Humboldt County has had the honor of being a member of the Humboldt County Sanctuary Committee helping to collect nearly 6,000 signatures to have Measure K placed on the ballot. Drafted and led by Centro Del Pueblo Measure K ensures that no county funds will be used to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) with deportations. Measure K gives parents who are facing deportation a right to say what happens with their children, whether they stay with a family member or accompany the parent. This will end the automatic placement of children in child welfare services and give the parents a choice. Humboldt County residents vote YES on K #KeepFamiliesTogether

Families Belong Together March in Eureka



June 5th, 2018 Primary results!

GPHC Endorsed Candidates Karen Paz Dominguez and Steve Madrone have won their races for Humboldt County Auditor Controller and 5th District Board of Supervisors! Congratulations Karen and Steve!

Karen Paz Dominguez and Steve Madrone GPHC/CLC/NCPA mailer



Kenneth Mejia wins the June 5th Primary and advances to the general election on Nov.6th, 2018!

Kenneth Mejia, Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka in Newark, NJ



Dr. Rodolfo Barragan Cortes wins the June 5th Primary and advances to the general election on Nov.6th, 2018!

Dr. Rodlofo Barragan Cortes and Erik Rydberg in LA



GPCA Spokesperson Laura Wells wins the June 5 Primary and advances to the general electon on Nov.6th, 2018!

Laura Wells and Christine Pepin in Davis, California


Proposition Results from June 5th Primary:

Proposition 68 – Passed

Proposition 69 – Passed

Proposition 70 – Failed

Proposition 71 – Passed

Proposition 72 – Passed


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Wednesday Sept. 26th, 2018

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7:00-8:30 pm

    Labor Temple – 840 E Street, Eureka California

For more information, email info@humboldtgreens.org.

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