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Ten Key Values

1. Grassroots

2. Social Justice

3. Ecological Wisdom

4. Non-violence

5. Decentralization

6. Community-based Economics

7. Feminism

8. Diversity

9. Responsibility

10. Future Focus


Welcome to the Humboldt
Green Party!


Register Green!
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Vote Green November 4!

Check back in September for the Green Party
Voter Guide.

Humboldt Greens set another record in 2013!

Nine Greens won their seats in the 2013 election. We now have eleven elected Greens. That's more than in any other county in the nation! Congratulations and thank you, all!

Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, July 23

Please note change in meeting place this month!
See Upcoming Events for details.

The Humboldt Green Party is a local branch of the Green Party of the United States, one of hundreds throughout the world. We are committed to bringing integrity and wisdom to politics. We take no corporate contributions and are accountable only to the people we serve.

The Green Party Has Solutions!

Banner for the Green Shadow Cabinet
To get a glimpse of what our government would look like, say, and do if the Green Party were in the White House, check out the Green Shadow Cabinet that JIll Stein has organized. Cabinet members, all amazing activists and experts in their fields, include people like Michael Ratner, attorney for Julian Assange, Ronnie Cummins, Exec Director of Organic Consumers Association and leader of the campaign to label GMOs, and Dr Margaret Flowers, tireless advocate for single-payer health care for all.
www.greenshadow cabinet.us

To get involved, sign up for our newsletter (email Dana at dsilver@greens.org) and join us at our monthly meetings.

The Green Party is part of an international movement for ecological and social justice. We are committed to independent politics, free from the control of corporations and big money, and to a democratic structure and process that empowers and reaches across lines of power to bring together our combined strengths as people.

Join with us in making peace a reality!