November Humboldt Green Party Minutes

HUMBOLDT GREEN PARTY minutes 11/29/17

7:00-8:30 pm – 90 minutes

Labor Temple Eureka, CA

  1. In Attendance: David, Kelsey, Ember, Desiree, Paul, Dana, Marty, Dianne, Patricia, Joshua, Walter
  2. Approve Agenda
  3. Approved Minutes
  4. Treasurer’s Report $1,157.71 Passed the Hat
  1. Upcoming Elections
    1. Recap about new committees:
    2. Communications and outreach, political organizing, grassroots movements –
      1. Joshua interested in all 3 groups to some extent
    3. Dana is interested in forming a fundraising committee. Patricia is interested in helping
      1. Make a paypal account and put a button on the website, other ideas TBD
    4. Political organizing – David reporting
      1. If anyone knows anyone who’s interested in running against Jim Wood?
      2. Leslie Castellano running for Eureka City Council Ward 1 5. NCPA/GP/Unions collaborating and gearing up for the 2018 election cycle
  1. Patricia interested in Political organizing group
  1. Communications and outreach – Ember and Kelsey
    1. Humboldt county cup was a project of this committee
  2. Grassroots movements committee hasn’t met so far. Kelsey will connect with Ember and have a meeting.
  3. Secretary position:
    1. GP assembly voted to elect Desiree to the County Council as Secretary – unanimously
    2. GP assembly voted to have the secretary send out emails to Humboldt County Council calling for agenda items 2 weeks before each meeting and send the notes for edits before sending the emails to the HCGP assembly (entire email list) as well as uploaded onto the website within 1 week before each meeting. This was voted for unanimously. Another option to consider is to see if sending an email to the entire email list a link to the website when the agenda/notes are uploaded onto the website since this may be more feasible.
  4. Update on Slack – most of the County Council is on there, we’ll add more members from GP. Loomio can be a good addition to Slack for voting and other new features
  5. Signature gathering for
    1. Gayle McLaughlin-Lieutenant Governor – Political Organizing Committee
    2. Removal of the McKinley Statue – Grassroots movement group to meet on that. Arcata City Council to do a study session on the statue this next meeting on Monday Dec. 4th.
  • No LNG Pipeline – HCGP is an intervener. Kelsey will send updates as they come.
  1. Erik Rydberg – running for CA Secretary of State – Kelsey proposed that the HCGP endorses Erik for CA SOS and it was seconded. It was a unanimous vote among the HCGP Assembly to endorse. One assembly member stood aside.
  2. AHHA and HSU friends of the houseless is scheduling a sleep out on HSU campus quad tomorrow for 24 hour access to the library, open doors to empty dorm rooms for emergency shelter for students. Wed December 6th at 6pm at the city council chambers to present at the ACC to create an opportunity village, and City of Arcata to declare a shelter crisis. A petition is going around to declare Humboldt County as having a shelter crisis.
  3. Upcoming Events
    1. 2nd 3-5pm, SB 562 Town Hall Forum at The Labor Temple hosted by Humboldt Progressive Dems, Green Party, Unions, Healthcare for All CA – Humboldt.
    2. Arts Alive Dec 2nd 5:30-8pm – Patricia and Josh interested.
    3. NCPA Meeting 10am at the Labor Temple Dec 2nd; Canvassing for NCPA to take place after the meeting
    4. Dec 5th at 5pm Liberty Tree “Movement Briefing: Resisting Fascism” Register at
    5. Dec 8th, SB 562 Town Hall
    6. Dec 10th 12pm David doing a TEDxHumboldt talk on Cooporation Humboldt
    7. Feb 24th Artists Dismantling Capitalism Symposium
    8. Protest outside Verizon Wireless store on broadway in support of Net Neutrality December 7th at 3pm.
    9. Monday Dec 4th at 5pm ACC to have a discussion on removal of McKinley Statue Removal


    1. Report out on past events/actions/news
    2. Gayle McLaughlin meet and greet – there to help bring together greens, progressives. We announced our endorsement and Gayle endorsed Move to Amend
    3. Ventura General Assembly – Workshops: Nation builder, social media outreach, platform, public speaking, movement school for revolutionaries, campaigning for candidates. Shift in statewide meetings from more procedural to more workshops and training sessions, and getting more work done. Next is June 9-10 in San Joaquin County.
    4. Humboldt County Cup – Lots of greens showed up for the conference, HSU greens panel, Green women panel, and the larger panel with Jill Stein. Turnout overall was disappointing, there was another cannabis festival at Mateel.
    5. Artists Dismantling Capitalism – quick brainstorm session for bringing artists and cultural workers have a conversation for political activism, Symposium on Feb 24th with workshops on capitalism, art and feminism, Humboldt women of color, etc.
    6. Next meeting
      Dec 27th, 7:00 pm
      Labor Temple

Kelsey Reedy Facilitating


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