About Us


The Green Party is a global movement for social and ecological justice. The first political party, the United Tasmania Group (now a part of the Australian Greens), was formed in 1972 in order to create the political structure and support necessary to achieve those goals. The movement spread, with particularly notable electoral success in Germany.

In the United States, organizing began in 1984 with the Green Committees of Correspondence, emphasizing educational projects and nonpartisan activism. Active involvement in electoral politics began in 1991 and grew rapidly with Ralph Nader’s campaigns in 1996 and 2000.

These beginnings created a party unique to the world of politics, rooted in the values of peace, justice, democracy, and ecology, and independence from the corporate interests that dominate so much of our electoral government today.

There are now hundreds of local affiliates of the Green Party of the United States. The Green Party of Humboldt County is a regional chapter made of Greens registered in Humboldt County and neighboring communities in the surrounding contiguous counties. We currently have over 1800 registered Greens in Humboldt County, the second highest per capita ratio in the entire state of California. We are organizing to focus our energies so that we can achieve the goals of peace and justice we all share.


The “bottom up” governance structure of the Green Party is another aspect that sets us apart from traditional political parties. The General Assembly, composed of all Humboldt County Greens who attend the meetings, is the democratic base and ultimate authority of the Humboldt Green Party.

The County Council, the executive arm of the Humboldt Green Party, is charged with carrying out the policies and directives of the General Assembly. The County Council meets with the General Assembly at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of the month via Zoom. The link to join the meetings will be posted on our Home page each month.

The Humboldt Green Party works collaboratively with other progressives who share Green values, whether or not they are registered Green. The meetings of the Green Party are open to the public, and we encourage all to join us.

For more information feel free to email us.


Shackled by the corporate oligarchy, our current government is unable and unwilling to take any significant action to address the most serious threat we face today, climate change. Increasingly, people are realizing we cannot wait any longer. 58% of Americans polled believe we need a third party. The Green Party fulfills that need. We have the values, the integrity, the ballot access, and the infrastructure. People are recognizing this throughout the world. Greens in the United Kingdom, for example, more than tripled their numbers in just one year.

We can do the same. With strategic planning, we can double our numbers in Humboldt County. We can increase our active participation, form coalitions, and we can build the base of support we need to elect real representatives of the people. Together, with courage and commitment, we can make democracy a reality.


* Build the Green Party
– Voter registration drive
– Increase active participation
– Increase public awareness of the Green Party

* Increase Engagement in the Community

– Our local chapter has formed committees that engage in the community political organizing and collaborate with other social justice and environmental organizations. Examples of local projects we are working on:
– Immigrant rights and the Sanctuary Movement with Centro del Pueblo
– Election reform with Eureka’s campaign for Ranked Choice Voting
– Abolish corporate personhood with Move to Amend

* Campaigns
– Support and campaign for endorsed candidates and propositions in November elections
– Support statewide election reform: Ranked Choice Voting, proportional representation
– Support fair taxation: Prop 15 – Schools and Communities First!
– Economic justice: A Real Green New Deal

* Build a strong financial base
– Strengthen our communication infrastructure
– Update and develop our website; add new pages and expand contributors
– Set up a monthly sustainer program
– Membership drive: Be a Card Carrying Green!

Build a strong alternative to the corporate economy,
with real solutions, peace and justice!