Translating Goals into Action

Wednesday August 23
7:00-8:30 pm

Humboldt Brews event room
856 10th Street, Arcata

For more information, call Dana at (707) 267-5342 or email

All who share Green values are invited to attend, regardless of party affiliation.


Shackled by the corporate oligarchy, our current government is unable and unwilling to take any significant action to address the most serious threat we face today, climate change. Increasingly, people are realizing we cannot wait any longer. 58% of Americans polled believe we need a third party. The Green Party fulfills that need. We have the values, the integrity, the ballot access, and the infrastructure. People are recognizing this throughout the world. Greens in the United Kingdom, for example, more than tripled their numbers in just one year.

We can do the same. With strategic planning, we can double our numbers in Humboldt County. We can increase our active participation, form coalitions, and we can build the base of support we need to elect real representatives of the people. Together, with courage and commitment, we can make democracy a reality.


* Build the Green Party
– Voter registration drive
– Increase active participation
– Increase public awareness of the Green Party
* Campaigns
– Support and campaign for endorsed candidates and propositions in June and November elections
– Election Reform: Continue the campaign for Ranked Choice Voting and election integrity
– Public Transportation: Advocate for a late night weekend bus, Trinidad to Fortuna
* Build a strong financial base
– Strengthen our communication infrastructure
– Update and develop our website; add new pages and expand contributors
– Set up a monthly sustainer program
– Membership drive: Be a Card Carrying Green!