Past Green Party Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
Thursday, November 19, 202, 7:00 pm

  1. Participants
    Green Party members present:
    Mark Adams, Dana Silvernale, Michael Hansen, Diane Ryerson, Walt Paniak, Desiree Davenport
  1. Facilitation Team
    1. Facilitator & Note Taker: Mark Adams
  2. Agenda: Approved by consensus 
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Current Balance: No change
    2. Dana will be able to mail checks for $100 to each endorsed candidate in the next two weeks. She will report the updated treasury balance at next monthly meeting.
  4. GPCA Assembly Report
    1. Held on Zoom
    2. New Bylaws written to cover additions for pandemics (SGA vote)
    3. Focus on establishing party unity around Eco-Socialism
  1. Future agenda items (for next meeting)
    1. The Children’s Movement of California: Let’s endorse
    2. Party infrastructure
      1. Participation: What are you willing to do?
    3. Web page transition project
    4. 3rdParty presentation @ HSU on Zoom
    5. End of Covid-19 and future activities
  1. Burnout
    1. Surge in Covid-19, Holidays, and 2020 election fatigue is a reality
    2. Council voted by consensus to cancel December’s meeting. Will reconvene in January
  1. Next GPHC GA Meeting:
    Thursday, January 21, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
    Zoom video conference
    Zoom link will be posted on GPHC website and Facebook:



HUMBOLDT GREEN PARTY minutes 1/24/18

7:00-8:30 pm – 90 minutes

Labor Temple Eureka, CA

  • Ground Rules – Stack and Consensus
  • In Attendance:
    Registered Greens: David Cobb, Kelsey Reedy, Desiree Davenport, Dana Silvernale, Diane Ryerson, Tricia Shortridge, Joshua Dorris, Walt Paniak, Jason Slyter, Matt Smith-Caggiano, Ember Hendershot, Fred Krissma

          Guest: Dani Burkhart

  • Approve Agenda, Approved Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report – Passed the hat, balance: $1095.59. Statement passed around.
  • Upcoming Elections
    1. Dani Burkhart presented. Vote on endorsing both Dani and Mary Ann Lyons for 4th District. 5 voted in favor endorsing both, 7 voted against. GPHC endorses Mary Ann only. Discussion on endorsement process will take place next meeting.
    2. Vote to Endorse Sanctuary County Law – voted unanimously in favor of endorsing sanctuary county law
    3. Elect County Council Chair – Kelsey Reedy was voted for unanimously to become the chair.
    4. Update on endorsed candidates – Dave Meserve has stepped down from running against Jim Wood as a Green.
    5. Proposal to formally oppose corporate cannabis grow – Proposal was voted for unanimously.
  • Report out by committee on goals/actions that they would tackle
    1. Political Organizing – 1) Register more Greens, with an emphasis in Arcata (so we can become 2nd largest party). 2) We propose doing a 15-minute training and practice on Green Party pitch to get Greens registered at the next meeting, 3) Proposing new bylaws that are simplified so that you can understand the first read,  4) Tasked with following up on endorsed candidates and issues, 5) Draft a proposal for candidate endorsement process, 6) Update Voter Guide Page on the website, 7) Endorsed candidate outreach to take materials for our tabling
    2. Grassroots Movements – Slack, group chat will come up with issues to tackle at the meetings
    3. Fundraising – donate link on Facebook to “Donate” page and Paypal button on our website; Minor Theatre fundraiser, email Dana with movie ideas; Separate email to update treasurer –
    4. Communication and Outreach – HSU Greens, tabling, website, database, Facebook
  • Upcoming Events
    1. January 25th – Move to Amend Meeting @ 6pm @HSU – CCRP Building
    2. January 28th – Sanctuary County Planning 3-5pm @HSU – Nelson Hall 106
    3. Feb 18th – Statue/Plaque Removal Meeting, Seventh Generation – 1:30-3pm @HUUF
    4. Feb 24th – Artists Dismantling Capitalism 10am-6pm, 212 G Street Eureka
    5. Feb 3rd – Arts Alive Tabling – Trish will do both
    6. Feb 9th – Arts Arcata Tabling – Ryan and Kelsey

Next meeting
Feb 28th, 7:00 pm

Labor Temple, Eureka





HUMBOLDT GREEN PARTY minutes 12/27/17

7:00-8:30 pm – 90 minutes

Labor Temple Eureka, CA

  1. Ground Rules – Stack and Consensus
  2. In Attendance: David Cobb, Kelsey Reedy, Desiree Davenport, Paul Pitino, Dana Silvernale, Diane Ryerson, Tricia Shortridge, Joshua Dorris, Walt Paniak, Dave Merserve, Steve Madrone, Jason Slyter, Mary Ann Lyons
  3. Approved Agenda, Approved Minutes
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  • Passed the Hat, mailed in donations can be mailed to ?? David will follow up on that.
  • A receipt will be given to Paul for materials for HCGP for $100.

5. Upcoming Elections

    • Dave Meserve to presented as the candidate for State Assembly District 2 against Jim Wood. June is the primary, November is the election. Unanimous vote for Dave Meserve endorsement from the GPHC.
    • Steven Madrone presented as the candidate for 5th district Supervisor – Unanimous vote to endorse Steven.
    • Mary Ann Lyons presented as the candidate for 4th district Supervisor – Unanimous vote to endorse.
    • David will follow-up with candidates to say that we endorsed them and that we will add any of their information to tabling events and put info on the website and facebook page – Desiree will work with David to put things on website and facebook page.
    • Recap about new committees: No committees have met yet so nothing to report.
    • McKinley Statue removal signatures submitted; LNG rally Jan 11th in Salem, OR
    • Desiree sent David bylaws to look over and help simplify
    • Dana will be stepping down as chair. Need to review the responsibilities of the chair and add  to the next meeting agenda.
    • Update on T-shirts – got the image sent to screen printers

6. Upcoming Events

    • Humboldt Norml meeting 7pm in Humbrews
    • Jan 25th Move to Amend meeting at HSU
    • Arts Alive Jan 6th 5:30-8pm –  Jason and Kelsey to table
    • Arts Arcata 1/12/18 6-9 pm – Dave, Jason and Kelsey
    • MLK Day at the Adorni Center on 1/15/18 with NAACP – Desiree, Patricia, David
    • MLK Day “Bowl of Beans” on 1/15/18 6-7:30 at Arcata Community Center – Tabling opp?
    • NCPA Meeting 10am at the Labor Temple Jan 20th
    • 2/24/17 – Artists Dismantling Capitalism Symposium – workshops, design and art, feminism, patriarchy, HSU involvement

7. Report out on past events/actions/news

  • City Council – Plaque/Statue Removal Update – Feb 21st Arcata City Council (ACC) will vote on McKinley and the plaque. Sophia and Paul will vote to remove the statue. Need to reach out to other city council members and go to the meeting.
  • SB 562 Town Hall Forum in Eureka and Redway – very good meeting with 50 people in Eureka. ACC wrote a more formal announcement in support of SB 562, Manila Community Services District supports SB 562. The meeting in Redway didn’t have anyone show.
  • Pro net neutrality protest – Went well. David met with Austin Allison on a municipally based public broadband and pursue a public bank for the City of Eureka. Austin committed to get community involvement on it. County treasurer is in support of a public bank.
  • TEDx Humboldt Bay – David will send out the digital version.

8. Next meeting: Jan 24th, 7:00 pm, Labor Temple

Kelsey Reedy Facilitating