November 2018 Voter Guide

November General Election

Humboldt County Elections


The Green Party of Humboldt County has Proudly Endorsed the Local Greens running for office:

Other local candidates endorsed by GPHC:

GPHC Positions on Measures & Propositions 

  • Yes on Measure KMake Humboldt County a Sanctuary County
    • GPHC has put a tremendous amount of our energy into supporting this measure. This vote is going to be historic. When Measure K passes it will Make Humboldt the first County to become a Sanctuary County by the voters!! Let’s continue to lead the way in progressive social norms!
  • Yes on Measure N – Northern Humboldt Union High School District Bond Issue 
  • No on Measure MRemove the McKinley statue
    • GPHC has been working on getting the McKinley statue removed for over a year now and so is in Strong Opposition to Measure M. Vote NO on M to honor the request of the Wiyot Tribal Council and continue with the removal of the McKinley statue!
  • No on Measure O – Public Safety and Essential Services Renewal Measure
  • Yes on Prop 10Affordable Housing Act – Allow for Rent Control
    • It was very obvious that we support Prop 10 as it will allow our local jurisdictions to pass rent control laws to make sure that we always have affordable housing!

Green Party of California Positions on Statewide Propositions  

  • Prop 1: Bonds to fund Veterans and Affordable Housing – Endorse
  • Prop 2: Bonds to fund housing program for mentally ill homeless – No Position
  • Prop 3: Bond measure for water projects, including dams – Oppose
  • Prop 4: Bonds to build children’s hospitals – Endorse
  • Prop 5: Allows elderly to transfer their home tax rate to a purchased home  – Oppose
  • Prop 6: Repeals gas tax – Oppose
  • Prop 7: Permanent Daylight Savings Time – No Position
  • Prop 8: Kidney Dialysis Price Control – Endorse
  • Prop 10: Affordable Housing Act – Endorse
  • Prop 11: Exempts Private EMTs/Paramedics from Labor Code – Oppose
  • Prop 12: Increases Living Space for Chickens, Pigs, and Veal Cows – Endorse

Vote for Real Change

Vote November 6th!