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Election Results November 2016

In order to achieve real change, we need to build a strong alternative to the corporately controlled two party system. Anything less than that will only perpetuate the system that is bankrupting our economy, our environment, and our future.

About the push to vote for the “Lesser Evil” in November

Sadly, our prediction that the Democratic National Committee would not allow Bernie Sanders to win the nomination was true. The primary election was rigged from the start, as evidenced by WikiLeaks. Bernie has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the only hope we have for defeating Donald Trump, and once again, the Democrats are using fear of the other to prevent people from voting for a third party candidate, in this case, for Jill Stein.

We will not bow to their intimidation. Hillary Clinton will bring us the XL Pipeline, more fracking, more war, more suffering for Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, more corporate control, and more global warming. We cannot afford to wait another four years for people to awaken to the reality of the lesser evil and to the power we have to stop it.

About the election results

We are dismayed by the election results for president, but at the same time, we are inspired and energized by the call to action across the country. We have not seen such a level of response and active resistance since the Civil Rights Movement. The depth and reach of this movement is perhaps the greatest the world has ever seen. At stake this time are our civil rights, our human rights, and the survival of life on our planet. We encourage all good people to get involved in every way you can.

The future is still in our hands!

President of the United States

Jill garnered 6.12% of the vote in Humboldt County!
Thank you, Humboldt!

Photo of Jill Stein

Dr. Jill Stein
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Arcata City Council

Congratulations, Paul!

Image of Paul Pitino

Paul Pitino
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Arcata City Council Candidate Debate

Thank you for running, Val!

Valerie with 2 of her children

Valerie Rose-Campbell

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Arcata City Council Candidate Debate

 Eureka City Council, 4th Ward

Congratulations, Austin!

Austin Allison in his workshop

Austin Allison
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Who is Next?

Run for the Green Party Movement!

Represent the 99%, not the 1%!

Vote for real change!

Vote Green!